Identifying opportunities and developing businesses


Identifying opportunities and developing businesses


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Our core staff is cross disciplinary and offers consulting services cross many business functions. We can help as an adviser or in some cases work on project basis for select clients.

Executive Consulting

Ideal for businesses under $100MM in sales looking for an outside technical advisor to help with -Transition Entrepreneurial to Professional Management -Part time, Interim CFO services, Company Sale Preparation, Growth Controls, Fraud and Ethics Reviews, Strategic Planning,  and Financing

General Business Consulting

Ideal for businesses under $5MM in sales looking for an added resource at a fraction of the cost. A consultant will work with our extended professional network for services such as accounting, legal, human resources, M&A, hiring, and process flow.

Engineering Consulting

Ideal for businesses under $100MM in sales looking for an external technical resources in manufacturing. This option is ideal for new manufacturing builds, renovations beyond the scope of current technical staff, and advising of equipment reliability strategies.

Beauty Product Formulation Consulting

For assistance with full scale launches of product lines. This services is ideal for companies looking to avoid pitfalls with ingredients, international brand entry, and complex formulations.

Key Benefits Our Consulting Team

  • Short-term contracts
  • Cross platform resources
  • Valuable knowledge for the cost of a typical admin
  • Experience from larger corporations
  • Processes of World-class organizations

Month-to-month. We don’t want your organization to be locked in a contract you no longer see value in. Our contracts can be short as month-to-month as a guaranty our services will help your organization.

When you use the Talara team as a consulting resource, the external services we provide can be contacted and billed direct. Our services allow you to get plugged in key resources we feel add value to your company.

Shoot us a quick inquiry and we will get back to you promptly with a follow up call to discuss your needs.

From there we can determine if our services are a good fit for your operation and move to the next step in sending a contract for services.