We promote a readiness to disrupt the status quo


We promote a readiness to disrupt the status quo


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There are many hurdles try to run small volume orders from packaging to labels and ingredients. We have some creative solutions to get you setup. Whether your an Instagram celebrity looking to brand a collection or a larger brand looking for a soft launch, we can help.

Start with Formula

If you don’t have a formula. We can offer our private label and custom formulations. There are formulas we can refer you to that are free of charge if you are just looking to get started as well. Contact Us to find out more.

Getting Started

As easy as pressing go, if you have everything needed we just need your components. Need help putting the pieces together? We have many resources in the industry and while we’d love to help direct, this isn’t always the best value add to the customer. By sending a quick inquiry of your needs, order, and urgency, we can help determine the best plan of action.

Key Benefits of Services

  • Low MOQ
  • Resources for packaging, compounding, etc.
  • Quick turn-arounds
  • Technical customer service

Working an R&D project with us we can turn around 10 units. This really depends on what you already have in place and your scope. We consistently work under the traditional 5,000 pc orders. Our goal is to help your brand grow.

We believe if we can help provide true added value on the small end, we can work together to find solutions in your supply chain and help our business help our business.

Yes. For larger brands we can accommodate with our partnered larger factory about 30 minutes from our prime location.

We are setup to provide the necessary ASIN numbers and labels so you can ship straight to FBA warehouses. Need a Certificate of Analysis? Our products are micro tested and can provide the CofA you need for Amazon requirements.

If you are new to this business, please reach out to us or look for a labeling consultant. Label claims is not in our expertise, however it is strongly advised you understand the claims you are trying to make to verify it does not change the classification of your product or is illegal.