Nobody services the aerosol market to the small guys...


Nobody services the aerosol market to the small guys...


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We are now building orders for the launch of our new aerosol platform. Talara is now a new resources for non-VOC and non-flammable aerosol products in California, working with low-MOQs

Click the Technical Document link to reference the collection of documents on aerosol basics.

Go Green!

When people think aerosol there is a misconception from the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) days in the 1970s. While all products have switched to hydrocarbon propellants, states such as California are taking a proactive approach to limit products with VOCs, which these newer propellants still have. We’ve gone the extra mile to work primarily with propellants that are non-VOC and non-flammable.

Minimum Orders?

We can work on orders as small as 100. For many of our customers who do not already have a non-VOC propellant integrated with their formula, there may be some R&D work required to switch propellants. Much of this R&D work yields sampling. We will run sampling at volumes as low as 100. Contact Us for details.

Key Benefits of our Aerosol

  • R&D piloting available
  • Option to exchange propellant
  • Launch aerosol products below traditional MOQ

We have several standard options for cans. The smaller volumes you will need to use a label or full-body shrink sleeve. The standard colors are white and black. Valves & actuators we will provide and are specific to your product, propellant selection, and spray pattern.

Unfortunately, No. We are currently setting up to register as OTC for the sunscreen customers. If this meets your criteria, please Contact Us and we will release upcoming news for customers in this category.

We will need a sample of your formula to start along with a benchmark product to see what the existing performance is as a baseline. We can discuss R&D associated with the project and provide a finished sample set for testing.

Somewhat of a loaded question. This varies on product, claims, performance, etc. The best way to address this is to Contact Us with your project. If our work load allows, we have turned things around within a week for certain situations.